Charles Rabhi. Director Les Marionettes en Follies. Puppet Pizzazz' Paris Branch

charles rabhi

Charles Rabhi's favorite childhood toy was Monsieur BaBa, a fuzzy lamb hand puppet. Monsieur BaBa was Charles best friend and constant companion throughout child hood and remained an influential part of Charles life as he matured and eventually entered a career in the medical field as a doctor’s assistant, radiology technician, and ward manager of the Clinique de L'Alma in Paris.

Charles kept Monsieur BaBa in his desk drawer at the clinic and brought him out whenever in need of relieving stress from his very high-pressure job. Charles would often amuse himself, fellow staff members, and patients by performing comedic skits with Mr. BaBa. Charles enjoyed his work as a health professional but longed for something else, something more creative.

One night after a long hard workday, Charles went to the Theatre de Sarah Bernard and saw a production of Feydeau. Charles had a cathartic moment while watching that production. He discovered his true passion was theatre and he decided he wanted to be an actor. He said "au revoir" to his medical career and began to study at the Theatre studio 516 at la Salle Pleyel. There he found a world that satisfied his artistic longing and soon he was happily playing roles of comedy and drama.

This vocation lasted for many years until he went on a vacation to Thailand. While in Bangkok he decided to attend a puppetry workshop offered by visiting artist Greg Ruhe of Puppet Pizzazz. The rest is puppet history. Charles relocated to Houston and became a puppeteer apprentice at Puppet Pizzazz.

During his seven year stay in Houston Charles went from being a student to Greg's artistic partner and eventually with new skills, confidence, Mr BaBa and many Puppet Pizzazz characters in hand, Charles returned to Paris where he is now the director of Les Marionettes En Follies, the European Branch of Puppet Pizzazz. Charles is also an Orchid expert and works part time for the world-renowned Marcel Lecoufle Orchidee.